Customise your HRTech stack and drop the all-in-one

Learn how best-of-breed HRTech and deep integration capabilities are the future of HR services. Download White Paper »

Escape the all-in-one HRTech trap

Custom HR stacks are the key to better employee experiences. Download the white paper to find out why specialisation and deep integration is the future of HRTech.


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The all-in-one HR platform

  • Does everything, but does nothing well
  • Low adoption and poor employee experience
  • Limited to tools provided
  • Bloated feature set & price
  • Infrequent updates & stagnation

Specialised HRTech Stack

  • High adoption and great employee experience
  • Specialised, best of breed solutions
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Rapid development & innovation

Strengths of stacking

When you create an HRTech stack of specialised apps, you're able to pick and choose the perfect solution for each problem. You pay only for what you need and you're not locked in, so if something better comes along, you can connect it without issue. You'll always have rapidly innovating, best of breed tools driving your business forward.

Assemble the Perfect HRTech Stack

Pick & choose from best of breed solutions to assemble the stack that makes sense for your company.

Pay For Only What You Need

By creating a custom HRTech stack, you can connect the tools that you need and pay for only the functionality that is useful to you.

Prepare For Growth

Easily swap in new solutions as your business expands or pivots so that your HR stack adapts to your requirements.

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