Performance review software

Human-centred, fair and transparent performance reviews

An opportunity to get performance management right

With a world-wide shift to an employee-centric way of working, now is the time to reinvent your approach to performance.

HR leaders understand the best practices for modern performance management include frequent feedback, 1:1’s, agile goals; and there are many tools on the market that package these features into an intuitive and easy to use interface.

So if we’ve got awesome tech to make a culture of feedback easy, why do so many organisations struggle to execute?

Well it’s not about the tech. It’s all about the people.


De-risk your initiative with a process of co-creation

Don’t make the mistake of designing your new approach in isolation. The most successful transformations are achieved when you bring employees into the design process, co-create with them, and iterate over time to ensure you’re meeting their needs. Let us facilitate a human-centered approach to your performance management.

'People are less likely to resist change when they’ve had a hand in shaping it.' - Diane Gherson, IBM’s head of HR


Why Crewmojo

Practical Guidance

Bridge the gap between best practice theory and practical implementation. Actionable plans and insights you can put into play immediately.

Simple and Flexible

Deliver a simple process that’s easy for employees to adopt and tailored to the team level with flexible config options.

Responsive to Characters

Every team has a character or two. We listen, engage and tailor the approach to turn them into advocates.

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