The first step of your performance journey

Starter is a 'plug and play' solution designed for smaller businesses looking to get started with a people-first approach to performance.

Starter incorporates the core features of our platform with pre-configured templates to get you started.

Problems Solved

Clunky and admin heavy processes built on spreadsheets or word docs

Data everywhere that's hard to find, refer back to, or report on

Cultures with little to no focus on employee growth and development


Key Benefits

Improved employee engagement and retention

More connected and meaningful team relationships

Organisation growth through happier, more successful employees


Complete Solution

Everything you need to develop the spark in your team

Performance development process

A document outlining your performance development process, including guidelines for managers and team members and a summary sheet.

Pre-configured performance reviews

Ready to go performance reviews to get the ball rolling.

Ready to go engagement survey

Get a sense of how engaged your team is with our pre-configured survey. Only a few clicks to send out!

Powerful 1 on 1 meeting templates

Meeting templates for Employee Check-ins, Performance Review, New starter journey, Work from Home Catch-up, Exit interview and more!

Goal setting framework

An intuitive framework for aligning and tracking goals across all levels of your organisation.

Values integration

Keep your company values accessible encourage certain behaviours that exhibit them.

Microsoft or Google integration

Easily integrate with your existing platform for SSO, calendar and more.

Smartphone apps

Our fully-functioning native app on iOS and Android makes sure Crewmojo is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Help and Support

Our goal is to have the happiest customers on the market! We pride ourselves on offering excellent support for all our customers.

Growing with you

This is a plug and play solution which means you get up and running fast. Everything is included and pre-configured, from a documented process through to workflows and conversation templates.
This allows you to implement a seamless, people-first performance process at small business pricing.
When your business grows and you need a more customised performance experience for your team, it's a simple upgrade path to the Fuel plan where you access the flexibility used by customers with thousands of employees.

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