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We've designed a flexible set of tools to make your team's workday a breeze! No need to be stressed about getting everyone on board, they'll see how it improves their workflow for themselves.

So refreshing.

Right Focus Tools

Everything in one easy place

We put everything your team needs on one simple, personalised, branded dashboard. To make your team's life easy. It's a mojo fan fave.

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Right Productivity Tools

Get stuff done

Simply update action items while you are in a meeting & your team members personalised to-do list is auto-magically compiled on their dashboard. No need to dig into emails, notebooks or remember everything.

What a relief.

You're in good company

Right Manager Support

Remove team roadblocks

Weekly reports are often a one way flow of information for managers and add nothing to your team members. It's a lost opportunity.

We help you create weekly report templates that share the right information & add value to your team.

Our simple questions keep your managers focused on removing your team's performance blocks and supporting their wellbeing.

How refreshing.

Right Engagement Tools


Recognition and feedback lift performance and improve our work days. Adding the feedback tool to your team's dashboard makes it easy for people to share feedback more often.

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Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
We have a real habit of saying, "Yes, we support that."

Can we brand the dash in our look and feel?


Can the team personalise their dash?

Yes, they can. The widgets all move around. It's kinda cool.

Can we make sure some tiles stay on everyone's dash.


Explore reviews

Dive into our reviews and performance journeys. See what's possible.

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Set and track goals. Gain visibility on your team's performance

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