Crewmojo 360 Degree Feedback Template

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22 January 2021

Crewmojo 360 Degree Feedback Template

Based on Crewmojo's 5 category rating scale - get all the for 360 degree feedback

About the 360 degree survey pack

Crewmojo's most downloaded resource is the guide to creating a 5-category rating scale that genuinely drives a lift on the performance of your people. Here we take this principle one step further by showing how to use this in a 360-degree feedback model. Download it now to see how you can build a performance-lifting review process.

How does this survey help HR managers and HR leaders?

360 degree feedback is a process in which employees receive feedback from their peers, superiors, and subordinates. This type of feedback can be extremely beneficial as it provides employees with a well-rounded view of their performance. Additionally, 360 degree feedback can help to improve communication and collaboration within an organisation. We take the pain and time out of creating a 360 degree feedback review. This pack includes a manager to employee performance review, a peer review and a self review.

When to use this survey

This pack would be used as part of an annual or bi-annual performance process

The survey experience

The 360 degree survey is based on a:

  • Downward Review: Completed by managers for each employee
  • Peer Review: People can nominate colleagues to receive feedback from or their manager can nominate people to provide feedback
  • Self Review: People review themselves

The survey pack includes

  • Downward review
  • Peer review
  • Self-review

Create your own Survey Template

Customising your own team performance survey is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a library of questions and templates to allow you to quickly build and shape the survey's and pulse tools you need. This survey is one of many that comes in the Crewmojo platform ready to get you up and running in no time. Too easy.

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