Coaching - Performance Goal Progress

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22 January 2021

Coaching - Performance Goal Progress

Coaching: Achieving performance goals

About this 1-on-1 template on goal check-ins

Focus on supporting your team to help them achieve their performance goals. Explore barriers and provide support and motivation to help them reach their goals.

How does this 1-on-1 template help HR managers and HR leaders?

Make sure performance goals are not set and forget exercises. Give you leaders the tools they need to embrace employee goals and provide them support to overcome obstacles.

When to use this 1-on-1 template

This can be used as a monthly check-in, or a quarterly check-in. It could also be a meeting that employees can request on a needs basis to help them get the support they need.

Sample from this template

  • How are you progressing on your goals? Do you need any help?
  • Are you facing any bottlenecks? What might help remove them?
  • How have you determined your longer-term goals?

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Customising your own 1-on-1 template is easy, with Crewmojo's simple template builder. Our platform includes a templates library and question library to allow you to quickly build and shape the 1-on-1 templates and performance management tools you need. This one-on-one template is one of many that come with the Crewmojo platform already built in to get you up and running in no time. Too Easy.

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