Wow. A performance system people will actually use.

Replace your clunky performance management module with a modern digital experience

Turn your performance spreadsheets into a digital performance management platform,

Replace your clunky performance system


Get a system people will use

Amazing! A performance system that feels modern, natural & intuitive. Simple.

Implement a process that makes sense

No two businesses are the same. So your performance process shouldn't be either. Implement a process that's aligned with your ways of working.

Save hours on reporting

Get the right reports in minutes. Cut out the manual spreadsheets and free up time for HR & leaders to focus on the high impact activities.

Keep your source of truth

Use the power of integration to keep your HRIS as the single source of truth for employee data. No double handling and everything stays in sync.

Have a real impact on performance

Stop worrying about tactical barriers from misaligned systems and start having a real impact on employee performance, retention and business outcomes.

Crewmojo ... It’s more about conversations and data enabling decisions by leaders, than box ticking, form filling, eye rolling annual performance management process.

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Replace your clunky performance system

When you have a performance system that just isn't working it's tempting to make a short-list of new vendors to see what they have. The risk is you are going to see a lot of exciting bells and whistles (we have them too!), but if they are not supporting performance your way, you can be back to square-one in 12 months.

There is another way.

Design your employee performance experience first and then ask vendors to demonstrate how their tech will enable your process.


Step One

Step one

Build on your performance insights

You already know what your process needs to do. Much of this comes from your insight into what doesn't work right now. You also know your business back to front. It's time to implement a performance management system that feels natural.


Step Two

Step two

Identify the big improvements

Make a list of all the things that drive you and your team seriously crazy. You know from experience that having a clunky system doesn't work. Identify the key things that will really make a difference to your team and your stakeholders.

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Step Three

Step three

Identify key journeys

Capture the key journeys of your performance experience. For example, setting goals, mid-year review and end-of-year review. Then for each journey, note down the steps involved that define a cohesive, natural experience for your employees.

Tip: It can be easier to perform this process separately for each persona involved - team members, managers and HR.


Step Four

Step four

Design the process you need.

Having a defined performance experience that aligns with your ways of working helps you to select the right system. By outlining your vision for performance you are reducing the risk of replacing your current process with something else that is just as bad. The framework you develop at this stage will be your guiding light through the process - from selecting a vendor to communicating internally.


Free performance design session

Design your new performance process. We'll work on an interactive design canvas to draw out your performance process - ensuring it's aligned with your organisation, people and culture. We will document your performance experience and provide you with a report to help you turn that clunky performance experience off.

We promise: no demos, no hard sell.

performance your way

We match your process

  • Flexible to match and support your process

  • Connect everything from goals, to check-ins, feedback and performance reviews

  • Custom templates to create ease and clarity

  • Automated notifications to guide your team through the process

The right reporting

  • Dynamic dashboard for HR, leaders and team members

  • Create custom reports & save hours of your time

  • Get information to the right people at the right time

Connect with your tech ecosystem

  • Single sign-on

  • Make the right HR system your source of truth

  • Choose your integrations Microsoft, Google, Teams, Slack, Zoom...

Simple and intuitive for your team

  • Simple design

  • Easy to follow

  • Branded company experience

  • High value dashboards

  • Intuitive and easy to get stuff done

"I love Crewmojo & use it as the backbone of our people management. I love the way the product is designed, it seems to suit our philosophy… It’s lightweight to implement & use, but powerful in the outcomes that it produces. I also love the support. First rate!"

Brent Pearson


"The way in which it’s helping to keep managers & team members accountable for having 1:1 meetings & enabling conversations around roadblocks & challenges they might be having. That’s something we’re seeing as a really great result."

Christine K

Red Kite