Empower your leaders

  • Personalised dashboard so they can manage the team's progress all in one place

  • Share the tools they need to have quality performance conversations

  • Help them track progress to the goals that take your business forward

  • Provide the support tools they need in the flow of work

  • Create a consistent easy-to-follow process for even your newest leaders

Easy & simple to use for employees

  • Share tools that lift productivity and keep people focused in the right areas

  • Simple functionality that saves time and provide clarity

  • Personalised performance dashboard

  • Clear, easy-to-follow process

  • Intuitive experience on desktop and mobile

We helped Hayley and we can help you too

Let's bring your performance management vision to life

Keep the best of the process you have now

Turn your spreadsheets & documents into a digital experience. Keep your fave templates and workflows. Make it easy to work with.

House everything in one place

Store and access everything in one place. Create reports and easily access what you need.

Brand your experience

Brand the platform with your look and feel to create a consistent employee experience.

Scale with confidence

Build a system that will scale to whatever size the business needs. Now and in the future.

Talk to the specialists

Book a demo & talk to us about how we can transform your manual performance process.

Digitise my spreadsheets