Digitise your performance management spreadsheets

Keep your templates & workflows. Add the magic of automation, tracking & reporting in a simple system all in one place.

Turn your performance spreadsheets into a digital performance management platform,
Our Australian support crew will help you

Make our platform
your own

Digitise your performance process

Turn your spreadsheets & documents into a digital experience. Keep your templates and workflows. We'll cutomise our system to work with your approach.

House everything in one place

Store and access everything in one place. Create reports and easily access what you need.

Brand your experience

Brand the platform with your look and feel to create a consistent employee experience.

Scale with confidence

Build a system that will scale to whatever size the business needs. Now and in the future.

Total ease of use from start to finish. Crewmojo team were incredibly helpful in getting us underway.This has gone such a long way in helping to improve our internal communications along with identifying potential issues at an early stage before they become a real problem.

Richard L

Financial Services Company

Make a step-change to a digital performance experience

Scales seamlessly as you grow

  • Have a transparent view of the process at every stage

  • Create reports and updates in minutes, not hours

  • Grow the number of staff without systems breaking

  • Automate notifications to guide your team through the process

Centralised data management

  • Add a powerful layer of privacy & security to employee data

  • Stop searching file drives to try and find stuff

  • Control who can view what and when

Connect with your tech ecosystem

  • Single sign-on

  • Make the right HR system your source of truth

  • Choose your integrations Microsoft, Google, Teams, Slack, Zoom..

Impact on real performance issues

  • Stop dealing with spreadsheet issues & writing reports

  • Win back time with instant process tracking

  • Identify & help teams that need support

  • Help leaders enhance their performance skills

  • Create impact in a truly proactive HR team

"I love Crewmojo & use it as the backbone of our people management. I love the way the product is designed, it seems to suit our philosophy… It’s lightweight to implement & use, but powerful in the outcomes that it produces. I also love the support. First rate!"

Brent Pearson


"The way in which it’s helping to keep managers & team members accountable for having 1:1 meetings & enabling conversations around roadblocks & challenges they might be having. That’s something we’re seeing as a really great result."

Christine K


Empower leaders to perform

  • View your dashboard to see your team's progress all in one place

  • Save time on follow-up and focus on team support

  • See all the history you need to give feedback & conduct reviews

  • Access templates, tools, and how-to docs in the flow of work

  • Create a consistent easy-to-follow process for all leaders

Easy & simple to use for employees

  • Clear, easy-to-follow process

  • Personalised performance dashboard

  • Intuitive experience on desktop and mobile

  • Simple templates that save time and provide clarity

Experience your process live on our platform

Share your current spreadsheets or templates & we'll Crewmojify it for you. We'll show you a custom demo of the platform working, your way.

Digitise my spreadsheets